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Don't... - Jack L. Pyke In this book you will encounter a mysterious BDSM organisation (I know...), a MI5 operative who can make bodies diasappear (right), numerous plotlines that wither and die, MCs who have a working-class background and are shy of 30 but are filthy rich nonetheless (how equal opportunity). You'll find mine-mine-mine in the very first(!) sex scene (I'm going to call it insta-mine from now on) and POV shifts that are hard to follow. You'll meet Jack who is humiliated (and worse) by the ones he loves and is contracted to. There is miscommunication all over the place and dub-con and some very shaky characterization BUT there are also twists and turns that made me blaze through the book and intense sex scenes that pushed many of my buttons. And I like 'fucking peachy' Jack.

So this book has some excellent ideas at its core and the story can sweep you away for a couple of hours (much like watching a mindless action flick where way too much stuff blows up). But your brain might interfere at some point and then you might be plain offended with how the BDSM relationship is protrayed.

Fucking peachy indeed.

It's a pity that the publisher didn't invest in a bit of editing and story development. The author certainly has potential and I will look out for the sequel.