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Cheating Chance - James Buchanan This was a surprise! And what a good one!

Having just read the first three Adrien English books and Kaje Harper's Life Lessons, I felt so so lucky to stumble over this series.

The set up was fairly similar: in the one corner, ladies and gentlemen, meet the amateur sleuth, your out and proud sensitive gay guy with strong "boy next door" tendencies. In the other corner, we have our usual taciturn muscle-packed cop, preferably divorced with kids.
But, the cop/ amateur sleuth theme worked so much better here IMO (and I know, Nick is an Agent - but well, it's Gaming Control, so it still falls in the amateur category for me).

So, what's to like: It’s great how Buchanan combines three very different worlds: Goth, gaming and law enforcement. This makes a formulaic plot so much more intriguing and unique. Then, I really liked Nick and Brandon as a couple (great first scene between the two!). Still, sometimes their banter falls short, but the dialogue and actions of the protagonists feel real. So, the book gripped me from the first page on.

In short, intriguing sub culture, decent mystery, lovely couple with good (bordering on excellent) sex scenes. Can't wait for the next two books!