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Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt I understand this is a debut novel and has found quite a few devoted readers already. The book wasn't for me, though. Some random thoughts:

The cowboy factor
There are a couple of books that made me want to get back to my parents’ place ASAP and get on a tractor ([b:Common Sons|743316|Common Sons (Common Threads in the Life, #1)|Ronald L. Donaghe|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348631663s/743316.jpg|1011124], maybe [b:Nowhere Ranch|9221370|Nowhere Ranch|Heidi Cullinan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1326774234s/9221370.jpg|14101342]). Not so much here. Instead, the book describes in a lengthy and repetitive way the daily grind on a farm (mostly it’s about shoveling horse shit or making hay). Chase is training horses? Well, I’d have loved to hear all about it. There’s a garden? Cool. What stuff does one grow in Nebraska? Old farmhouse – tell me about it. But no such luck.

Man on man action
Elijah is a total virgin, never kissed, groped etc. A blank canvas so to speak ;) So, why not have a slow build-up to keep things interesting? No, it’s all out sex from the beginning and with not much variation. Then, Chase simply knows Elijah’s a virgin. How? I don’t know, since they don’t talk. But it’s convenient, too, because apparently, there’s no need to discuss it either once it’s acknowledged.
I have a huge problem with the word “relax” or some variation of it. For me, it’s like the single most off-putting word during sex (a close second to chant someone’s name when coming - who does this?).
The purple prose hits hardest here, too:
“my cock released inside the wet cavern of his mouth”
“I could feel his excitement leaking from me”
“filling me with his essence”

And finally, way too much is told, not shown: hips grind erotically, movements are seductive...

Btw, I think Chase is around 30 years old? He took over the farm at 20, his relationship with Owen lasted 7 years and he meets Elijah about 3 years after Owen's death? So the age gap is there, but it doesn't seem such a big deal..