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Houseboat on the Nile
Wacky Wednesday - J.A. Rock This is a body swap story about an established couple in a bumpy phase of their relationship. Initially, I wasn’t very impressed with the reading sample. So I’m glad I did pick it up again. Not only was it a fun and sizzling hot read, it also had its tender and sweet moments. And the author talks quite intelligently about dynamics in a relationship. Some of my favorite quotes:
”I picked up the bag, removed the bagel, and licked it all over. It seemed like a very Jayk thing to do.”

”Amon never used exclamation points. Occasionally I would text him something like: Luv u A-monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur the most awesome in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he’d text back: I love you too, Jayk. I look forward to seeing you this evening. Or, in my hornier moods: Need ur pornstar cock in my ass now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To which the reply might be: PSC and I are in a meeting but can be in your ass any time after 5.”