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The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow 2,5 stars
Who picked that cover?! The book says that Ben “wasn’t soft”, I’m inferring that he didn’t have abs of steel either! And for Christ's sake, he's an accountant (and I know my share of accountants)! Shane, of course, had to be built (apparently shifting cases of bottles in a bar does that). So, I guess the cover is half-accurate and only half-bullshit.

So far, I enjoyed books by these authors. This very tame version of ennemies to lovers, however, didn't impress me much. It went sort of like this: accountant inherits rundown bar – said bar needs makeover – surly manager and new owner fight about what colours the walls should be – kinky sex happens in interesting places– obligatory hospital scene follows – MCs have their mine-and-yours-forever-moment.

You know this sense of accomplishment when you’ve cleaned up your house or redecorated? I expected that from the story since everything revolved around the bar. But no such luck. And this weird issue of Ben describing himself as boring? One word – LAME and so not sexy. I have a hard time picturing somebody telling his new business partner (and potential love interest) how boring he thinks he is especially since Ben is supposed to be the dominant partner (even if only during sex, it's weird). Similarly, the topic of anti-gay sentiments in the community was handled without much subtlety and came out of nowhere.

What redeemed the story a bit for me: it had biting (yay!), it had Vin (doubleyay!) and the premise of two guys around 30 discovering their DS tendencies together was interesting.