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Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune I can’t really put my finger on why I didn’t DNF this book at some point. Insanely, my tolerance for bad writing seems to increase with each m/m book I read. But 1 and 2-star reviews are more fun anyways. Here it comes...

- First things first: who in his right mind approved the mind numbing cover? I want the sculpted-torso-nohead quick fix back if that's what happens when an illustrator gets creative.

- I don’t think the author has any idea of what kind of offensive crap he’s dishing out when making the following lovely comparisons: “grossed out because vaginas have more folds than a pile of laundry” and “losing the love of his life because he was a gigantic vagina”. You just don't insult 80% of your readership intentionally, do you? The last quote especially is a new superlative to the usual "acts/laughs/runs/... like a girl” - nonsense. It’s an auto-point deduction for me. Interestingly, I just read [b:Shades of Gray|7016638|Shades of Gray|Brooke McKinley|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1256067881s/7016638.jpg|7262667], where it says “like a teenage boy mooning over his first love”. I wonder whether this was meant to be ironic? Would love that!

- For so little plot (and sex) there was an unjustified amount of pages! So so much inner rambling (arggh).

- Why is Vince supposed to be the dumb one? (He works the same job as Paul, but has problems with foreign words/ technical terms – so what?) Paul is the one “too stupid to live”.

- I can’t stand MCs without any self-esteem unless the author can make it very clear why someone should feel attracted to said MC.

- Bad, bad editing.

- Jokes get old really fast.

2 points because there were some sweet and funny scenes under the pile of -ahem- words.