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T. Baggins
Bad Idea
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Houseboat on the Nile
Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley
2,5 stars

How I wanted this book to be good!

The first encounter between the MCs was so very promising:
“Can he bleed to death from something like that?”
- “No,” the tall man said with a shake of his head. “He’d be dead already.”
“Oh, that’s comforting. Still… don’t you think we’d better have it looked at?”
- ”Later. When I’m done with him.”
So bring it on!
“Miller’s thumb came up to rest a millimeter from Danny’s wound. Danny’s eyes went wide, the muscle in his jaw clamping tight as he prepared himself for the pain. Miller had always been a master at honing in on a suspect’s weak spot. And once discovered, he had absolutely no compunction about pushing it – hard.”
I’m panting by now. This is delicious and grimy, right?
You'd certainly think so. But sadly most of it slowly went out of the window until eventually one of the MCs wanted to “kiss away the hurt”. Urgh.

If you haven’t read [b:Zero at the Bone|6382879|Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone, #1)|Jane Seville|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1239008011s/6382879.jpg|6570901] yet, read that one first. Or do it the other way round. Shades still is a decent warm-up before starting Zero…