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Sacred Fate - Eressë
If I ever wanted to read about two guys so PERFECT that it made me itch all over, but at the same time so STUPID that I wanted to slap them into oblivion, this would just be the book for it. I opt for a moment of ZEN before I start this review.
moment of ZEN
The book managed to vex me on so many levels, it was simply breathtaking. To name a few: passive, submissive and naïve MC, conflict due to miscommunication, blatantly stupid behavior on all sides (not even the bad guy was allowed to do clever things, let alone hideous ones), chick with dick...

But the ratings are high, so let me give some examples and play a (MILDLY SPOILERISH) game:
Imagine having looked for your lost soul mate in past lives that stretched over a millennium, and when you finally found him, you

a) court your long lost soul mate so that he falls in love with you all over again , reassure him that he won’t be put aside EVER and make him yours in whatever way possible ASAP?
b) force his parents to give said soul mate to you as a concubine on the side because custom and a grumpy uncle forbid marriage?

Another one? How do you like your king best?
a) He is“a battle-honed, warrior king of striking beauty, steely grace and an ENDOWEMENT that leave your mouth dry”
b) He shows “…many kindnesses and compassion. Not to mention EXCEPTIONAL handsomeness and nigh perfection of form…”
c) This one is mandatory: “The people love him.”
…and my favorite:
d) He is one of the very few “… who can recall every life cycle of his existence and withstand the burden of it. ALL OTHERS would go mad from such knowledge.”

2 stars for a m/f romance in a flimsy mpreg disguise