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Bent - Sean Michael
My first Sean Michael book and I'm mightily disappointed. There were loads of things I didn’t like or found just plain ridiculous:

The Neanderthal talk for one:
“Upstairs. Bed. Us. Now”

“Want. Love.”

“I need. Master”
The prose in general is unusual, to say the least (you could also call it simplistic, choppy, clumsy). The good thing, for such a long book, it was a very fast read and it mainly consists of dialogue, but it lacked substance (and yes, plot!). Very easy to understand how the author managed to write a zillion books already.

Then the behaviour of Marcus, the Dom: uhhh, so not good (as in not safe/sane/consensual). He steamrolls his ‘baby’ into BDSM/ tattoos (I think after what, 2 days?)/ a six pack/ a balanced diet/ moving in…

But nevertheless, it was weirdly refreshing too. I can’t point my finger to it, but sometimes little things felt real and well observed. And at least in the beginning, it was funny too.