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Hushed - Kelley York There is no right life in the wrong one.
I had this quote in mind, when I followed Evan’s growing commitment to Archer. And it gave me the feeling of impending doom from the start. How could Evan expect to share a life with a murderer who has not even started to acknowledge his guilt, let alone to stop killing?

What I liked:
- Gripping, original tale with truly complex characters (Vivian – very intriguing; so is Archer’s mum)
- Beautifully written
- No angst or conflict around their first gay relationship (admittedly there were enough other issues to be dealt with and it was not the focus of the story) – very refreshing for YA/ mm romance nevertheless

What I would have liked:
- Seeing more of Archer’s and Evan’s relationship (there’s no big first night, it’s not even hinted at; and for two 19-year-old boys, they seem to have a very subdued sex drive )
- More info on Evan’s motivation and his rationalization for being with Archer