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St. Nacho's - Z.A. Maxfield
2.5 stars

Z.A. Maxfield is an author I expect nice, undemanding and funny stories, at least I thought so up until now. And the story was okay, the dynamic between Shawn and Coop a bit more original than usual, but I sorely missed Maxfield’s humour. Apparently the other books in the series have more of it.

But what had me disappointed even more was the portrait of St. Nacho's and the town as a place with 'magical healing power' (in those exact words). Yuck!

I won’t be continuing reading the series any time soon.

Favorite quotes from/ about the deaf boy Shawn:
“Save it”, Shawn said [after their first quickie without any tenderness because Coop wanted it that way]. “Unless I can see your lips, you’re an inflatable doll.”

“Kevin? No, I don’t date Kevin. He tries to protect me from the big bad wolves. He thinks I’m nice too.” Shawn grinned then, looking anything but nice. I couldn’t help but grin back. Nice boys didn’t fuck like he did.