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When Love Takes Over - Jacob Z. Flores

What was I thinking? The cover alone should have tipped me off.

This was one badly written book, very simplistic, cheesy and inconsistent. It’s also obvious that the author doesn’t think very highly of the intellectual capabilities of his readers because he has to tell us the same stuff over and over:

- i.e. that Zach has no self-worth whatsoever , is really shy and a klutz (but of course is one hot bunny everyone is drooling over)

- i.e. that Van doesn’t look for a relationship, was deeply hurt, but is already tired of his 1-year stint as a porn star (of course, he instantly became a star)

- What a great place Provincetown is: “Did this town somehow cause people to be friendlier and nicer to each other? Did being here somehow connect everyone and make everyone feel less alone?” Yuck. (Not that I have anything against P'town. I simply find the notion of these mystical happy places where even dog shit is probably covered in glitter really, ahem, unrealistic?)

The pace of the book was overwhelmingly slow, too: after 40%, both MCs have met exactly once, and briefly. But it was enough for both of them to fantasize relentlessly about each other for MANY, MANY pages afterwards.

Obviously, this was not my kind of book at all. Didn’t find it funny, interesting or very sexy.