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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan
"That night Laurie slept naked in Ed’s arms, and he dreamed they danced across the clouds, dressed in glittering suits that glinted as they spun across the heavens, and as they passed by, all the angels clapped and cried out in joy."
How to describe this sappy tale of love between an injured football player and a depressed ballet dancer? Overall, the book felt sloppy. And rarely do I wish that m/m books were shorter. But this one would have benefited from some serious editing.
Then there’s precious little engaging dialogue or supporting characters to carry the story. Sadly, not even the romance part kept me interested. There’s not much happening sexwise until after the 50% mark. Is this the same author who wrote [b:Nowhere Ranch|9221370|Nowhere Ranch|Heidi Cullinan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1326774234s/9221370.jpg|14101342]?

Also, the book does not even try to keep you guessing what might happen next: both got hurt, they fall in love, they hurt some more and finally, they both find ways to turn their lives around and stay together.