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Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome, #1)

Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome, #1) - Richard Rider
“A hundred million ears in England, and your gun went and raped mine. That's storybook, that is. That's fairytale."
Richard Rider has some tricks up his sleeve, let me tell you. After a 60 page joy ride he pulls this amazing plot vanish trick out of nowhere. The good thing is, the book doesn’t turn boring, exactly, but it doesn't build and it doesn't arrive anywhere either (well, okay, there’s this cliffhanger, but still). That makes it an exhausting 400 pages to get through as much as I liked Pip and Lindsay. But let me give you some of the good stuff because I just have to give credit to Rider’s writing!
”He laughs like lemonade. He's all fizzy.”

"You are not deep and complex. You're the most 2-D person I've ever met in my life. Miyazaki drew you and threw you straight on the scrap pile because you look too anime.”

"He closes the door behind himself – but he does it gently, not like a full stop. Maybe like a comma, or one of those things where it's a comma with a dot floating over the top of it. Something else. Something that doesn't mean the end,just a little pause."

"You're gorgeous," Valentine blurts out suddenly, like it's vomit, like he can't stop himself.

"Let's kill them," Valentine says. He's whispering like it's a secret on a crowded train, like it's not just the two of them.”
I still went for the sequels. They’re shorter, but they don’t live up to the promise of the first pages of book 1 either. It’d be lovely to see what a good editor could manage with these three books. There’s so much potential there!