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The Sound of Snowfall

The Sound of Snowfall - IceraMyst
"Upon what planet of strange and wonderful things do you hope this to land?" he whispered. "I don't know," I told him honestly, unable to keep from winding his fine hair against my fingers. "Maybe I don't want to land, but just continue flying."

**A word of caution: This book has to be savoured tucked up in bed, with a mug of tea and caramel chocolate. It gives cuddles and hugs, but thank God in a mostly non-sappy way. And it's funny too, and takes so many unexpected turns (well, for romance standards at least).

For example, that's how I imagine a normal person would react to such a thing as soul mates:

Lee leaned forward and lowered her voice: "But it's different, isn't it, if you were insulted by the person you thought the moon and stars of, your destined soul?" I think I said, "Wharmrble?" in response. I didn't know because no part of my mind was really paying any attention. Either clever, dependable, sensible Lee had just been taken by insanity, or my hearing was going something awful. Maybe someone had slipped me some insanity mushrooms in whatever I ate last, although now that I thought about it, I hadn't eaten since midday. Maybe I was hungry.

Wes is endearingly stupid or stupidly endearing?
"You really don't want me, do you," Jade said softly.

"What?" I replied, at first just startled as I was snapped from my thoughts, and then appalled. "Of course I do! What makes you say that?"

His lips parted and closed. "Want," he said wryly, "as, as a stag wants doe."

I tried to work out the particulars of that one, knowing probably he would have chosen his reference more carefully after my correction. "To assert dominance over your rivals?" I hazarded.

He made a strangled sound. "Like bears wearing straw hats!"

"Okay then, to offer safety in numbers?"

"Of all the—"

I let my head thunk against the ground, trying to think. "To lead predators away from your young?"

"To HAVE SEX!" Jade shouted, throwing up his arms.

"You could have just said that!"
And the problems they have, they are normal too, and make soo much sense. No need for cheap tricks at all!
He wrenched his hand away from me and took a step back. "You do not," he growled, every inch of him bristling. "A day's worth of kisses does not a romance make."
And I'm a sucker for beautiful imagery. The book is a treasure trove for that too (maybe even too much at times):"Normal like a fish baking rainbow pies"

"No!" I cried. "Like snow loves the mountains and birds love the sky and stars love the moon!"
Oh, Jade might be a courtesan, but don't expect too much sex. Also, this is not a "normal" fantasy book with a great quest/battles/ mighty ennemies and world-building of course. The story of Jade and Wes takes center stage here.