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Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price
I’m decidedly late to the Psy-Party. I remedied this by force-feeding myself on all books and shorts in under a week (JCP offers a package deal on her website) and my comments go a bit beyond the first book.

The writing: since I haven’t highlighted one turn of phrase in 7 books, it’s safe to say that I’m not impressed. Oh it gets the job done, and very economically so. But there’s no spark, it’s all very bland.

Vic & Jacob: The book opens with the two PsyCops having a go at each other in a basement bathroom. Build-up or UST? Nope. Obviously. Insta-love soon makes an appearance and the couple lives together from book 2 on. None of the stories show a conflict or a serious threat to their relationship and also no real development (miniscule changes really if at all; the author tells me that their trust in each other grows, but I didn’t see it much).

Since the romance part was kind of weak, you’d think the mystery plot would make up for it. However, in most of the books the connection to the overall story arc was patchy at best (the crime happens late in the book or the book doesn’t end with the mystery solved or there’s no great mystery to begin with). The paranormal elements of the story at least were interesting.

That leaves Vic’s voice, which others have described as witty, snarky and quirky. I had no patience with Vic or his antics. I guess one can find Vic endearing, I was mostly annoyed with him.

BUT it’s still a decent series! Nothing instantly irked me. I just expected a bit more.