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The House of Silence, Volume 2

Ricochet - The House of Silence - J.A. Jaken
To use Reiji's words, one of the boys at the House of Silence:
"It's quite the story. It's got action, intrigue, and a lot of people doing a lot of stupid, ridiculously brave things to try to save the day."
Nonetheless, the second part of HoS ("The House at war") felt a bit random at times and wordy. Also, the plot seriously lost momentum somewhere in between all the running from one place to the next. And let's be honest. Much like Vol. 1, this book was saved by the very nicely done sex scenes. And Vincent and Aburon's scenes were by far the best for me - so intense and deliciously wicked and beautifully written:
"When a slave submitted through his own free will, fully cognizant both of what he was offering and what he was getting in return, that was when the magic truly happened. It was the choice to submit that made all the difference."

"He never fooled himself into thinking Vincent could be solely his; ... But for this moment - right here, right now - this beautiful stray cat of a spirit had consented to curl up on his lap, to bow to his will and accept what he had to offer it."
I earmarked all their juicy encounters, so I can go back when necessary ;)