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Dirty Pirate - Kyle Adams I don't get the good reviews - at all. This short story was so awkward and - more importantly - weirdly prejudiced. Let me quickly explain by looking at one scene only (and also please read Julio's review for a much more comprehensive and eloquent and bitchy analysis):

So this fantastingly hot guy wants to move into your spare room. What do you say?

"You remember i'm gay right? And you're super hot. Aren't you worried I might make a move on you?"

Because straight attractive men should expect to be molested when living with a gay guy? And the latter obv. won't be able to control his urges? This is so insulting for both sides! Even if you don't agree with me (you could for example say, nah, this might sound like prejudice, but really it's the author failing to be funny) this is still an insanely awkward and unbelievably stupid thing to say! *proceeds to delete this from her e-reader*