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Angel - Cyma Rizwaan Khan I read this back in the day when I didn't write many reviews (but handed out 1star-ratings apparently). Since I'm not remembering that much, this is probably not very helpful. But here it goes.

Angel rubbed me completely the wrong way. Surprisingly so, because the reviews promised so much. The writing (or at least the editing?) felt very careless. The dialogue and some reactions were silly IMO, the story fairly bleak and the ending one giant plot hole. The club owners make an example of the girl by letting her die in the middle of the club, but Angel can get away. Ty just has to grab him and runs for the door?! And that's it? So the torture and pain the reader has to witness feels meaningless..

These two reviews list some of my problems:
SueM's review and Mello's review.

The book is really short, so no harm in giving it a try. Just don't expect any silver linings or logic.